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How can we reinvent classic literature to emphasize the queer subtext in it? How would Dracula play out differently with the homoerotic undertones of Jonathan Harker and Dracula's relationship on full display?  A 36 page comic with full page illustrations, Red Lips features quotations from the actual text and forward of Dracula. 

Content Warnings: Nudity, Blood, Sexuality

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Tags2D, adaptation, Comics, dracula, Gay, Gothic, Horror, LGBT, Romance, Vampire


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Loved the art! Though the font was a bit hard to read. :)

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Very well done! I love the style, color scheme and way it is all presented.

My boyfriend has been on a Dracula kick during the lockdown. He's been watching a lot of the different movie adaptations of Dracula(there's a lot). I can honestly say I've never seen this version before :) 

Is there a specific adaptation that you like or that influenced you to make this?


im really glad you liked it! i was looking over my copy of Dracula and saw the forward that went into detail about Bram Stoker's ambiguous sexuality and his probable attraction to men (+ how he wrote Dracula to be played by one of his actor friends he was obsessed with). Going off of that I made Jonathan Stoker's self insert in a sense, also I had a burning desire to make a positive or at least fulfilling gay vampire romance. 

I was also inspired by a comic called When I Arrived at the Castle which is about lesbian monsters and a hate romance they have with each other (highly recommend!)

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Cool. I wasn't aware of that being the inspiration for Dracula. Blumhouse(the people who made The Purge) is doing a new Dracula movie. It's nice it's still such a popular story. 

That comic does look really good. Can't beat a good hate relationship :)